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Property acquisition, investment property portfolio building and management
Since 2008 we have extended our business to assist Hospitality Business Operators, Owners and Hoteliers on the management of their Business, People, and Property Management.

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People & Real Estate are probably the 2 most important Assets in your business.


We help you and your business to improve communication effectiveness & productivity between your staffs, with your clients, suppliers and competitors with in-house workshops tailored to your specification.

We help to negotiate business deals with profitable results.

We negotiate for business clients who trade with China & Far East to build effective & profitable relationship

We tailor & run in-house workshops on Communication & Negotiation skills.

We help clients to source, negotiate & acquire at best value for Lease or purchase Commercial & Residential Real Estates for client’s self-use & for Investment purpose.

We source all products for the smooth running of your business & your Real Estate premises ate best value

Buys you more precious time
Gives you core financial control
Builds you a solid foundation of assets
Leaves you a secure legacy
Your pathway to true wealth

We have over 2 decades of business experiences in Hong Kong & United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves in our ability to please our clients by achieving results. With our Money Back Guarantee.

We are a property & business consultant. We pride ourselves to be our clients’ Trouble Shooter.    

Our Mission Statement

We do what we love
We love what we do
To save clients time & money
To be the ‘armchair’ for clients
To help, to serve, to contribute
To under-promise & over-deliver
Make every client very happy every day
Spend other people’s money as if it’s our own
We take care of you, so you can take care of others
Deliver results fit client’s request like gloves with speed
To turn the troubles of everyone we encounter into smiles


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